How to determine if a polarising filter is circular or linear

Hold a polarising filter in front of your eyes, facing the light. Now hold another polariser in front of it and rotate it slowly.
If it is a circular polariser, the rotation will cause the filter to black out on one side only, and not at all if the polariser is turned over.
If it is a linear polariser, it will black out when rotated to 90 degrees whether front on or back to front.

Determining if a polarising filter is circular or linear
Polarising microscope with transmitted light
OXJP302, camera sold seperately
Polarising microscope with reflected light attachment
w/ reflected light attachment

Transmitted and incident light polarised microscopes

The XJP300 Series employs all non-stress plan optics and a reflected illumination system can also be attached. The infinity corrected optical system makes the study of thin sections and other mounted samples fast and easy, while delivering an excellent cost-to-performance ratio. Reliable performance ensures accuracy of every analysis.

There are two alignment adjustments for each objective on the nosepiece, and the rotating stage on either side of the stage.

Standard Features for both microscopesOptional accessories for both microscopes
  • Siedentopf trinocular head: inclined 30°, rotatable 360°, interpupillary distance: 50 - 75mm, light distribution: 0:100 or 20/80
  • Siedentopf binocular head: inclined 30°, rotatable 360°, interpupillary distance: 50-75mm
  • Quintuple nosepiece, adjustable independence
  • Eyepieces: WF 10x/18mm, WF 10x/18mm (reticle 0.1mm)
  • Non-stress infinity plan objectives: 4x/0.1, 10x/0.25, 20x/0.40 (S), 40x/0.65 (S), 60x/ 0.80 (S)
  • Polarising unit with scale: rotatable 360° (module type, can be locked)
  • Revolving round stage: rotatable 360°, centre adjustable, division 1°, Vernier division 6°
  • XY Mechanical Stage
  • Bertrand lens: inbuilt, centre adjustable
  • λSlip: first class red
  • ¼ λSlip
  • Quartz wedge: (I-IV class)
  • Condenser: Abbe N.A. 1.25, non-stress
  • Transmitted light: 6V/20W halogen lamp Koehler illumination
  • 2A Fuse: 1 pc spare - Replacement fuse
  • Reflected light: 12V/50W halogen lamp
  • Replacement 6V/30W halogen lamp - requires a 30W transformer
  • Filter (Ø45mm)
    • Blue
  • Filters (Ø32mm)
    • Amber
    • Green
    • Neutral
  • C-Mount: 0.5x
  • C-mount: 1x
  • Quality dustcover

Packing size: 540 x 285 x 385mm Gross weight: 12kg Net weight: 10kg

Polarising Quartz Wedges
Quartz Wedges
Reflected Light Polarised Slides
Reflected Light Polarised Slides
Amber, Green, Neutral and Blue Microscope Filters
Coloured Filters
Microscope reflected light controller
Reflected Light Transformer
Standard X/Y microscope stage
Standard X/Y stage
Reflected Polarising Slide
Reflected Polarising Slide
Reflected light attachment for OXJP302
Polarising microscope with transmitted light only, trinocular
Brightfield objective, infinity plan, 2x, for OXJP Series
Infinity plan objective, non-stress, 60x/0.80(S)
Polarising mechanical XY stage
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