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Tissue processors, slide stainers, embedding centres
UM-TP Tissue Processor
UM-TP Tissue Processor
Processor's stage
Processor's stage
Stage with vessels
Stage with vessels

Tissue processing is critically important to a high‐volume, high‐quality histology laboratory. This 12‐phase tissue processor combines proven technology and a modern, functionally enhanced design. High safety and gentle specimen processing are a result of a robust engineering design, based on proven and precise mechanics in conjunction with a modern user interface. Twelve treatment phases, nine x 1200mL glass jars, three x 1000mL paraffin jars. 50 cassettes in 1.2 litre jars. The temperature is adjustable from 45°C to 85°C.
Net weight of this tissue processor is 60kg.


  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Control panel and LCD screen
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Advanced fault detection and warning system
  • Tissue basket stir function rotates three times per minute


  • 12 Treatment phases
  • 9 Glass jars, 1200mL
  • 3 Paraffin jars, 1000mL
  • 50 cassette capacity
  • Temperature range: 45 ‐ 85°C
  • Treatment time for each jar: 0 ‐ 59h 59min
  • Weight: 60kg
  • Dimensions: diam. 660mm x H680mm
  • Electrical: 230V 50Hz 500W
  • Warranty: 1 year

ISO 13485 ‐ Medical Devices, Quality Management Systems

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UM-TPX: Hood with filter fan and exhaust Automated tissue processor optional hood with filter fan and exhaust
UM-TPX: Hood with filter fan and exhaust Automated tissue processor optional hood with filter fan and exhaust
Main Screen
Main Screen
Automated tissue processor
Tissue processor extraction system, for UM-TP or UM-TP-X
Automated tissue processor


UM‐TP2‐X automatic tissue processor is suited for histology processing of animals and plant specimens. The tissue processor is used to perform fixation, dehydration, clearing and infiltration. This instrument is used for rapid and automatic processing of varied specimens of all histological specimens.

UM‐TP2‐X tissue processor includes these features:

  • Microcomputer controlled processing assures operating convenience and reproducible results. Tissue basket relocating controlling perch enabling the tissue to be put in any jar
  • Semi‐enclosed benchtop tissue processor
  • Electric power, overvoltage and failure protection.
  • Anti jam function deals with obstacles.
  • Agitation during dehydration and infiltration modes assures complete mixing and optimal processing.
  • Large LCD screen shows progress during processing. Monitoring progress is easy.
  • Timing
    • Delay timing: max 99 day 99 hour 59 min
    • Jar process timing: max 99 hour and 59 min
    • Timing increment: 1 min
  • The paraffin jar has a constant temperature control system. These jars are coated with non‐stick PTFE
  • Infiltration time separately programmable for each station. There are 8 programs selectable
  • Operation after power outage. Battery backup operates the system for 8 hours, except for the paraffin jars.
  • Adopted with electric lock and password for specific person use.
  • Able to interrupt an automatic process before the end of a run.
  • Excess temperature cutout


  • Carousel type with 12 stations
  • Configurations
    • Basic instrument
    • Vacuum function
    • Hood with activated charcoal filter and fume exhaust fan (size 980 x 900 x 900mm)
  • Option: two basket loading
  • Tissue baskets made of metal with varying capacities of up to 100 cassettes
  • Tissue basket stirring 1 minute interval every 4 minutes within the container
  • Battery backup 8 hours (except wax baths)
  • Ergonomic control panel with foil‐protected keyboard and LCD
  • Infiltration time separately programmable for each station
  • Easy editing and changing of programs, even during processing
  • Audible alarms, error messages and warning codes
  • Wax baths:
    • Number: 2 (3 optional)
    • Capacity 1.8L
    • Temperature range: 45°C ‐ 85°C
  • Reagent containers
    • Number: 10 (9)
    • Capacity: 2.2 L
  • Programmable infiltration time
    • Per station: 99 hours 59min
    • Delayed start: 99 days 99 hours 59min
  • Programs number: 8, freely selectable
  • Vacuum device pressure: max. 0.05 MPa (approx. 0.5 bar)
  • Standard tissue baskets:
    • Size: ⌀120 x 100mm and ⌀120 x 80mm
    • Number: 1 (2 optional)
    • Capacity: am. 100 cassettes
  • Dry weight: 80kg
  • Product dimensions: ⌀80mm x height: 570mm‐690mm
  • Electrical specifications:
    • Nominal voltage: 230V AC ± 10%
    • Nominal frequency: 50 Hz
    • Power 800W
Automated tissue processor, 2L, vacuum aided paraffin infiltration system
UM-SS Automated slide stainer
UM-SS Automated slide stainer

This instrument is easy to use, but is versatile and offers several staining procedures. The system includes functions for automatic cleaning and drying. The container which commences the operation can be designated using the LCD. Twelve reagent containers plus one rinsing bath and one drying container, each has a 1000mL capacity.

The slide stainer is equipped with an exhaust system to vent fumes into a fume hood or outside. The well thought‐out design makes mechanical failures unlikely.


  • Simple operation
  • High definition touch screen and LCD display
  • Many staining programs available
  • Automatic cleaning and drying functions
  • Flexible, silent transmission
  • Fuzzy logic controls the addition and draining of stains
  • Running water rinse and slide drying functions

12 Reagent containers, 1000mL
1 rinsing bath
1 drying container
Staining capacity: 72 slides
24 staining programs
Processing time range: 1 ‐ 59min
Containers are lifted for 54 seconds
Mixing occurs 3x per minute
Electrical: 230V 50Hz 500W
Dimensions: 1135 x 400 x 450mm
Weight: 85kg net

Automated slide stainer, 72 slides
UM-SS700 Computerised automated slide stainer with plasma decontaminator
UM-SS700 Computerised automated slide stainer with plasma decontaminator


This computerised automated slide stainer can store up to six frequently used programs which can be accessed via the LCD display. UM-SS700 remembers which containers are in use and does not use the incorrect containers. This unit can also move two baskets simultaneously.
The unit has an ion purification and decontamination system. The ion plasma cleaner uses ionised gas to chemically decompose harmful gases, such as hydrocarbons, including xylene and other common reagents. Plasma cleaning is maintenance-free and completely removes harmful substances. Plasma decontamination is superior to the use of activated charcoal filters.


  • High throughput continuous batch staining
  • LCD displays all running parameters clearly and is easy to operate
  • Stores six programs
  • Two different programs can run simultaneously, improving the staining effect of different types of tissue. It can move two baskets simultaneously.
  • Plasma purification and decontamination
  • Automatic memory: This function stores the last used position in memory to ensure that the wrong container is not used
  • Roller bearings allow the unit to run smoother, with greater precision and a longer service span.


  • Tank quantity: 18 piece cleaning containers
  • Liquid containers hold 1000mL each, 47 standard cassettes or single basket slides
  • Temperature range of paraffin tank: 50°C - 89°C
  • Retention time within each container is adjustable from 1 minute to 99 hours and 59 minutes
  • Stored programs: six procedures
  • Electrical: 230V 50Hz 800W
  • Outside dimensions: 1400 x 500 x 550mm
  • Gross weight: 125kg
  • Net weight: 100kg
Automated slide stainer, with plasma decontaminator, computerised
Tissue stainer

Vacuum tissue processor is the necessary equipment for pathology processing specimens. It is a modular automated tissue processor designed for the laboratory applications as fixation, dehydration, paraffin wax infiltration of histological tissue specimens.

The processor module contains three paraffin wax baths, a processing retort, and also LCD display as well as the electronic components. The cassettes are held in three baskets, each of which has a capacity of up to 100
cassettes. All processing occurs in the stainless steel retort under the pressure, vacuum and temperature conditions selected.

Specimen slide throughput: At least 200 specimen slides per hour (depend on the selected program)


  • Adopt PLC control system and electronic touch screen, it's convenient to operate and low failure rate.
  • Adopt high performance stepper motor and drive with synchronous belt, to ensure the balanced running, and accurately fixed position min. noise, etc.
  • Adopt Photoelectric switch to fixed position, it has find position memory and reset automatically functions.
  • It can store 5 different programs to meet the different staining requirements.
  • Battery backup is optional, to permit staining of slides to continue during the main power failures.
  • Loading capacity: 3 slides rack
  • Slide rack capacity: 30 specimen slides
  • Total number of stations: 26
  • Number reagent stations: 18
  • Reagent container volume: 600mL
  • Number of wash stations: 3
  • Number of wait stations: 3
  • Oven: 1
  • Oven chamber temperature: from ambient temperature to 85℃
  • Load/unload stations: 1 each
  • Incubation time setting: from 0 sec. up to 9999 sec.
  • Permanent memory capacity: 5 programs, up to 24 program steps each
  • Dimension ( WxDxH): 120cmx50cmx60cm
  • Weight: 110kg
  • Voltage: 230V, 50Hz
  • Power rating: 300VA

Hardware and Software
  • Large colour Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • User‐friendly, intelligent software.
  • Alarm system to reminder wrong operation and trouble
  • Multiple specimen protection system.

  • 15 programs that consist of up to 9 reagent and 3 paraffin wax steps.
  • Time per program step: 0 to 99 hours, 59 minutes.
  • Up to 200 cassettes can be processed simultaneously.
  • Wax clean program.
  • 9 reagent bottles.
  • 3 wax baths.
  • 3 cleaning solution bottles.
  • 2 condensate bottle.
Technical Data
ElectricalAC230V / 50HZ 18W
Main fuses10A
Nominal power1000 VA
Dry weight, unpacked~100 kg
Weight, packed120 kg
Operating temperature range15°C to 35°C
Relative humidity10 % to 80 %, non‐condensing
Paraffin wax baths
Number of baths3
Volume (litres)4L per bath
Melt timeapprox. 3 hrs
Temperature accuracy+ 1°C
Capacityapprox. 200 cassettes
Reagent volume (in litres)5.3
Temperature (paraffin)65°C
Temperature (processing reagents)ambient or 35°C
Temperature (cleaning reagents)65°C
Temperature accuracy+ 1°C
Filling time5 min
Drain time5 min
Impregnation vacuum‐70 kPa (g)
Impregnation pressure35 kPa (g)
Fill vacuum‐70 kPa (g)
Drain pressure35 kPa (g)
Reagent bottles9
Cleaning solution bottles3
Maximum bottle volume4L
Recirculation (pump in/out):ON/OFF
Time between cycles15 min
Automated slide stainer, 200 slides
Histology Embedding Centre
Histology Embedding Centre
Centre module of embedding centre system
Centre module of embedding centre system

UM‐EC2800 Embedding Centre is an advanced very large capacity unit. It's purpose is embedding of biological specimens after they have been fixed and dehydrated. The centre console is complete for wax infiltration, orientation and embedding of specimens. The hot wax tank is very large and there are two heated receptacles, heated tweesers holders, a small cold plate and hot corrugations to remove excess wax. There is a touchplate switch to open an (adjustable flow‐rate) valve for filling cassettes. A footswitch is provided to alternatively operate the heated wax dispenser.

This critical area is well illuminated and viewed through a magnifier.

The capacity of the centre unit for wax infiltration and subsequent cooling of cassettes is greatly enhanced with the completely independent hot and cold units.


  • The ergonomic large working surface allows processing of many samples simultaneously.
  • The large cold spot Peltier is designed to orient even small and big samples (Mega Cassettes).
  • Work start time and day can be programmed automatically.
  • The tissue embedding cassettes and base mould trays are removable and can be set at different temperatures.
  • The setting knobs allow to adjust the precise paraffin flow.
  • Equipped with a hand and foot switch.

Technical Parameters

Embedding Centre
Nominal supply voltage230V ±10% 50Hz
Maximum power draw1000VA
Working temperature (increments 1°C) 
Paraffin tankambient to 90°C
Cassettes/moulds trayambient to 90°C
Working tableambient to 90°C
Refrigerating and positioning tableambient to ‐5°C
Forceps holder65°C constant
Paraffin reservoir4.5L
Cassettes/moulds tray1.4L
Cryo Console
Nominal supply voltage230V ±10% 50Hz
Maximum power draw1000VA
Working temperatureambient to ‐15°C; increments 1°C
Heating Console
Nominal supply voltage230V ±10% 50Hz
Maximum power draw400VA
Working temperatureambient to 75°C increments 1°C
Paraffin tray2.5L

The routine maintenance required is cleaning of excess paraffin on the embedding workstation.

Warranty 1 year.

CE Certificate & ISO certificate

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Histology embedding centre, advanced, hot and cold
Histology embedding centre, cold module
Histology embedding centre, advanced, middle console
Histology embedding centre, hot module
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