12 litre wax dispenser
12 litre wax dispenser
Reservoir with a histology embedding cassette as a scale reference
Reservoir with a histology embedding cassette as a scale reference

Melts and dispenses paraffin. These paraffin dispensers have high heating performance and provide precise temperature regulation. The material is dispensed through the non‐drip, heated dispenser nozzle. A clear lid permits easy viewing of paraffin without contamination. The durable stainless steel interior is easy to clean.

Key features of this paraffin dispenser include a 12 litre capacity with a constantly heated paraffin dispenser nozzle. The paraffin temperature can be electronically set from ambient to 70°C. This unit is equipped with an additional overheat prevention.


  • Features a digital LED temperature display that displays both the set temperature and the actual temperature accurately
  • Timer function
  • Safety overheat protection
  • Industrial metal outer shell with durable stainless steel, easy to clean interior
  • A built‐in temperature controller and able to reach temperatures of 72°C ± 2°C, as well as a heated faucet, to keep your paraffin flowing with ease
  • Its stainless steel, 12 litre high‐capacity reservoir is corrosion resistant, easy to clean and is accompanied by a glass lid with thermometer port for easy, manual temperature verification.
  • Comes with a detachable power cord for easy cleaning

Capacity: 12L
Working temperature: ambient to 70°C
Temperature accuracy: ±1°C
Reservoir material: stainless steel
Reservoir size: ⌀ 240mm x H260mm
Dispenser size: 360 x 430 x 460mm
Electrical: 230VAC 50Hz 1050W

Paraffin dispenser, 12L
Round paraffin section mounting bath
UM-WB1 Round paraffin section mounting bath

This tissue flotation bath features a microprocessor for precise temperature control. The proven, round design has a useful ledge for slide handling and drying.

Thermometer rack included.

External dimensions: ⌀ 270mm x 210mm
Internal dimensions: ⌀ 210mm x 65mm
Temperature: room temperature to 75°C; ±1°C
Thermometer rack included
Quality assured firm: ISO 9001‐2000
Electrical: 230VAC 50Hz 400W

Paraffin section mounting bath, round
Paraffin tissue section mounting bath with light
UM-WBG Paraffin tissue section mounting bath with light

This instrument uses microprocessor control and a modular design for best reliability and precision. The low profile unit has a removable rectangular glass basin for easy cleaning. The glass basin is obliquely illuminated by LED which results in a high contrast, glare‐free image. When the light is off the specimens are seen against a black background.

Temperature settings are controlled by buttons for accurate and precise control and the easy to read LED display show both set and actual temperatures. The corrosion resistant, stainless steel temperature probe flips down into place. The probe has a thermostat sensor which is activated when inserted into the bath.


  • The maximum operating temperature is 70°C, ±1°C.
  • Probe is corrosion‐resistant and stainless.
  • The probe is connected to a cut‐off switch which is monitored by the temperature control system and can also prevent the unit from drying out.
  • Light baths enhances visibility of floated sections. The glass tray is transparent for maximum light contrast.
  • The durable glass tray is chemical resistant, and the built‐in high‐brightness LED lamp has a separate "ON/OFF" switch from the temperature control panel.


  • Dimensions:
    • Whole instrument: 350 x 350 x 115mm (bath and probe extend another 30mm above surface)
    • Glass bath: 270 x 180 x 60mm (top of bath measurements) It slopes inward slightly.
  • Temperature: room temp. 5°C ‐ 70°C
  • Accuracy: 0.1°C
  • Default temperature setting: 65°C
  • Recommended working environment: 10°C ‐ 35°C
  • Timer range: 0 ‐ 120min
  • Relative humidity: < 80%
  • Net weight: 8.5kg
  • Electrical: 230VAC 50Hz 450W

Heavily Discounted Products. All units are fully operational and have only sustained cosmetic damage in transport. Please see the images for details. When ordering, please state which serial number you prefer or ask.

Probe discoloured S/N: 1310143
Probe discoloured S/N: 1310143
Respayed a different colour S/N: P023
Respayed a different colour S/N: P023
Powder coating on top surface cracked S/N: 1310142
Powder coating on top surface cracked S/N: 1310142
Corner discolouration S/N: 1310141
Corner discolouration S/N: 1310141
Paraffin section mounting bath, glass, with illumination
Flotation bath, heated slide rack and glove box
Flotation bath, heated slide rack and glove box
Flotation bath display screen
Flotation bath display screen

This histology tissue flotation bath & slide dryer is an innovative and effective workstation for floating/flattening tissue sections, coverslipping/mounting sections and rapid drying of slides.


  • Operator-instrument interaction is simple through use of an LED screen
  • Programmable timing for slide drying - could operate at night
  • Black aluminium water bath for best section visibility (180 x 200 x 50mm, 2mm thick)
  • Slide drying rack is convection heated
  • Heated glove box
  • Separate heaters and controls for water bath, heated box and slide dryer
  • Spring loaded switch to prevent the flotation bath from running without fluid


  • Water bath temperature range: ambient to 90°C; default setting is 46C
  • Slide drying cabinet temperature range: ambient to 105°C
  • Glove box temperature range: ambient to 99°C Temperature settings in 1°C increments
  • Slide drying timer range: 1 to 199 minutes
  • Slide drying capacity: 120 slides
  • Security category: Class I
  • Dimensions: 520 x 385 x 125mm (170mm control panel)
  • Electrical: 230VAC 50Hz 750W
  • Weight: 12.8kg

Warranty & support: We will supply free spare parts for replacement during the one-year warranty period, and technical support and spare parts for sale during the instrument's life-time.

Tissue flotation workstation
Paraffin tissue section mounting bath with light
UM-SW02 Paraffin tissue section mounting bath with light

Small slide warmer with variable temperature control and LED temperature display. The surface holds approximately 20 slides. Operating temperature is up to 70°C. Designed for histology, cytology, and biological laboratories.


  • Ideal for quickly drying slides for the small histology or research lab performing routine staining and immunohistochemistry
  • The thermal heater ensures uniform heat distribution over the entire surface
  • Black Teflon coated top allows easy viewing of specimen
  • Durable - Constructed of heavy-duty steel
  • Thermostat varies from ambient to 70°C; ±2°C
  • LED display
  • View both set and actual temperature by using the toggle switch

Outside dimensions: 255 x 178 x 76mm
Surface: 260 x 180mm, fits ~20 slides
Temperature: Room temperature to 70°C ±2°C
Manufactured to ISO 9002 standards
Electrical: 230VAC 50Hz 100W

Large slide warmer
UM-SW01 Large slide warmer

Large slide warmer with variable temperature control and LED temperature display. Slides can be dried in minutes before performing routine staining or immunohistochemistry. The surface holds approximately 50 slides. Operating temperature is up to 70°C.

Outside dimensions: 100 x 640 x 235mm
Temperature: room temperature to 70°C; ±2°C
Manufactured to ISO 9002 standards
Electrical: 230VAC 50Hz 200W

Tiered slide warmer
UM-SW03 Tiered slide warmer
Tiered slide warmer side view
Slide warmer Tiered slide warmer side view

The Step Up™ slide warmer's unique design saves space and allows easy retrieval of slides since the end of the slide is not on the flat surface. Great for paraffin tissue section mounting in the fields of cytology, histology, pathology and biology. It is also an ideal choice for laboratories, education institutes and scientific research organisations.

The heated surface leaves the label part of the slide protruding and therefore cool. The slide supports are angled to achieve a tiered lay-out, and the back legs of the instrument are higher to bring slides to the horizontal plane, which keeps the cover slips in place. The result is a space-saving slide warmer with any slide accessible and cool to pick-up.


  • The Premiere® Step Up™ slide warmer is a "tiered" laboratory slide warmer that is easy to assemble and use.
  • The Step Up™ has 4 levels holding up to 40 slides.
  • The new design of the Step Up™ surface allows for easier and safer pick-up of slides.
  • The slide warmer has an electrophoretic surface coating.
  • The Step Up™ warms slides via heating elements which transfer the heat across the entire surface.
  • The Step Up™ slide warmer is designed for use in the fields of cytology, histology, and biology.


  • Step Up™ holds twice as many slides as a flat unit of the same size. (40 standard slides)
  • Anodised black surface provides contrast with samples
  • Thermal heater ensures heat transfer over the entire surface
  • Removable tray for easy cleaning
  • LED temperature display
  • Digital control temperature setting range from room temperature to 70°C, ±1°C
  • Overall dimensions: 355 x 355 x 102mm
  • Electrical: 230VAC 50Hz 300W
  • Manufactured to ISO 9002 standards
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