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Some large companies have learned that clients prefer dealing with environmentally responsible companies; so they hire a consultant and receive the advice to "paint" their products green. ProSciTech handles over 6000 products, but we are not manufacturers and this is a small business located in Australia's tropics. Responsible corporate citizens are guided by people who know that the most pressing issues in the world are climate change and numerous issues that relate to overpopulation and over-consumption of resources. As individuals or a small business we can only achieve small gains, but some sacrifices are required from all of us. Pointing fingers at bigger offenders is a defeatist's game: every person's saving of resources and improving of energy efficiency counts. There is only one habitable planet for all of us, and on present indications we are leaving this planet to our children and grandchildren in a highly degraded state.

At ProSciTech we have taken practical measures and these include:

  • We added a second layer of insulation above our top floor's ceiling. It has lowered energy use and actually paid for itself.
  • When flying on business is required we always pay for the carbon off-set
  • Our modern business van is diesel powered and superbly efficient.
  • We use efficient lights throughout and we are switching to laptops, not least because of their lower power use, and the lower inherent transport cost.
  • We use very little water - but that is not an important issue in our area.
  • We recycle most packing materials and use few new boxes and packing materials.
  • We prepared the building for a major solar installation, but then learned that the government makes this expensive and the credit in fact accrues to the mostly coal burning power generating companies.
  • Shipping of goods around the world is inherent in our business and related energy consumption is not avoidable. However we are trying to use sea freight more for incoming goods. Sadly, Australia does not have efficient container shipping between the larger coastal centres.

Jim Darley

Managing Director
ProSciTech Pty Ltd

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