We cannot sell microwave ovens into North America.

Note: For histology, we supply the PELCO BioWave® Pro Microwave Tissue Processor with built-in manual or programmable Vacuum Pump.
We also offer the Lynx System for EM and histo processing.
Additionally, There are several automated histo systems on page U5.

BioWave® Pro and Histo Tissue Processor
Tissue processing for electron microscopy and light microscopy

A revolution in tissue processing is unfolding due to improved microwave technology and protocol development from Ted Pella, Inc. Conventional processing times are reduced by up to 95% (see Table at bottom of User note) and specimen results are uniformly excellent when their current protocols are used with the PELCO® Microwave System (References). The PELCO® Microwave Tissue Processing Systems permit precision temperature control and monitoring of sample conditions. They are pioneering the development of new protocols for this technology for electron microscopy and histology. Reasons to use PELCO microwave technology.


  • Microwave Transparent and Chemically Resistant Vacuum Chamber:
    Greatly facilitates small sample fixation and reduces resin and paraffin infiltration times in the microwave.
  • True Variable Wattage:
    Magnetron output can be selected from six different power/wattage levels, calibrated in 100W increments from 250 to 750W. This feature should not be confused with partial or intermittent power levels which are described as % power (full power for a percentage of the time, i.e. 20% power for an 800W microwave is 800W for 12 sec./min.).
  • Temperature Restrictive Temperature Probe:
    The temperature probe is accurate to /- 1 degree C. A PTFE coated probe is available for special stains and decalcification. Maximum temperature can be preset prior to runs ensuring that protocol parameters are not exceeded. This is especially important during fixation, decalcification and special stain applications.
  • Adjustable Temperature Water Recirculation System:
    The temperature of the water load(s) can be maintained at a constant temperature (about 10 degrees C above ambient) for any time period. This ensures a uniform microwave cavity environment during long periods of irradiation. This aspect is critical for temperature control during decalcification, dehydration, fixation and special stains.
  • Automatic Magnetron Prewarming:
    The magnetron filament is automatically preheated prior to every run to ensure that 100% of the power selected is delivered for 100% of the time chosen.
  • Programmable Key Pads:
    When programmed, the 10 numbered key pads provide "one touch" operation of the system. This eliminates the need to use the time entry, numeric and start keys to begin a microwave run.
  • Other Features:
    Digital timing (accurate to the second); intermittent power settings (0%, 20%, 50%, 70%); RS232 port and cable for PC attachment with software for temperature and time monitoring.

The Development of the Features listed above has been the Precursor to the Development of easy to use Microwave Protocols for:

  • rapid formalin fixation of tissue
  • rapid decalcification of bone in either acids or salts (from 2x to >10x times savings)
  • rapid colour development in special stain applications (one step development)
  • rapid processing of tissue into paraffin blocks (biopsies
  • improved immunolabelling results (due to rapid processing and microwave fixation)
  • rapid processing of needle biopsies (fresh tissue to stained slide in under 2 hours)
  • rapid processing of tissue for electron microscopy (fresh tissue to sectioning in under 2 hours)

Each of the protocols listed above relies on a different combination of variables (i.e. power level, temperature restriction, constant microwave environment, time) which, through PELCO research and that of others, has been demonstrated to be necessary for the successful use of microwave technology on a routine basis. Microwave technology in your laboratory offers a multi-functional piece of equipment that will improve productivity, reduce turnaround times, maintain quality and keep you competitive.

Tissue processing for electron microscopy and light microscopy
  • How do I achieve wattages below 250W?
  • What is the function of the temperature probe?
  • Do I need a water load?
  • How do I maintain ColdSpot temperature?
  • What's the best sample holder to use?

The PELCO BioWave® Pro is the most advanced laboratory microwave oven available. A choice of five different application kits offers unprecedented flexibility. We are proud to present this versatile laboratory microwave system.


Biowave FAQs
PELCO BioWave® Pro
PELCO BioWave® Pro
BioWave® Pro with ColdSpot® placed in chamber
BioWave® Pro with ColdSpot® placed in chamber

Superior Microwave Technology

Introducing the PELCO BioWave® Pro. Microwave tissue processing technology, pioneered by Ted Pella, Inc. over the last decade, has evolved into the new BioWave® Pro system, offering a superior level of control and ease of operation. True variable wattage control and the unique PELCO ColdSpot® are now complemented by an intuitive and intelligent touch screen control panel. The unprecedented level of precise and extensive control delivers consistent quality tissue processing results. Protocol programming and development is right at your fingertips and offers true ease of operation. Remote access allows protocol monitoring from your desk and has improved serviceability of the unit to a new standard. With the BioWave® Pro, superior results from microwave to microscope have never been easier.

The PELCO BioWave® Pro comes with:
Pelgraph temperature monitoring software, temperature probe and stand, exhaust connectors and tubing, 2 quick-disconnect fittings, manual, safety instructions, warranty card.

Five Application kits deliver excellent results from microwave to microscope:

  • EM tissue processing
  • Immunolabelling
  • Formaldehyde fixation and EDTA decalcification
  • Paraffin tissue processing
  • Confocal microscopy and in situ hybridisation

EM tissue processing kit includes:
PELCO ColdSpot®, microwave vacuum chamber, PELCO Prep-Eze™ 6 and 12-well kit, microwave microcentrifuge tube holder, microwave polymerisation tray, bubbler probe.

Immunolabelling kit includes:
PELCO ColdSpot®, microwave vacuum chamber, 12 and 24-wellplate inserts, Sequenza™ slide rack, coverplate assemblies, bubbler probe.

Formaldehyde fixation and EDTA decalcification kit includes:
PELCO SteadyTemp™, DFR insert with PTFE cassette rack, vapour trap.

Paraffin tissue processing kit includes:
PELCO ColdSpot®, PELCO TissueVac®, bubbler probe, PELCO HistoWave® cassette system, paraffin heating tile.

Confocal microscopy and in situ hybridisation kit includes:
PELCO ColdSpot®, microwave vacuum chamber, PELCO SteadyTemp™, 12 and 24-wellplate inserts.

Benefits of the PELCO BioWave® Pro system

Superior microwave processing control
The combination of true power and temperature control has resulted in superior control of the microwave environment giving superior results. The power setting is now fully selectable from 90 - 750 Watts.
Unrivalled application flexibility
The PELCO BioWave® Pro can be easily optimised for specific needs like EM tissue processing, immunolabeling, decalcification, fixation, etc., with a range of available application kits.
Enhanced protocol management
Pre-programmed protocols are supplied with the system, a full set of tools for editing, programming and copying enables creating and storing of specific protocols.
True ease of operation
Touch screen operation facilitates straightforward and intuitive operation of the PELCO BioWave® Pro while current settings are directly visible.
Consistent quality results
By taking extensive control of all microwave environment parameters, consistent and high quality results are readily achieved.
Precision sample temperature control
The PELCO ColdSpot® unit combined with a choice of cooling systems takes away the heating factor, therefore taking full advantage of the microwave effect.


  • Self-calibrated wattage control
  • Fully selectable continuous power levels from 90-750 watts
  • Safety exhaust vent
  • Attaches to any PC with Windows
  • Touch screen with modifiable presets
  • Air bubbler
  • Precision sample temperature control
  • Enhanced protocol management

PELCO BioWave® Pro System Specifications

Microwave power rangeContinuous power settings from 90-750 Watts
Microwave frequency2.45 GHz
Microwave power controlProgrammable controller with 10 modifiable presets
Function control152mm Touch screen user interface
Temperature control± 1°C for most aqueous solutions
Cooling internalIntegrated ambient water cooling system
Cooling external (optional)PELCO SteadyTemp™: 450W chilled cooling system
Magnetic stirrerIntegrated, 0-300rpm speed
Exhaust110cfm capacity
VentingAutomatic when door is opened
Vacuum system508mm Hg, 3 selectable modes
Air bubblerUp to 0.8L/min with 64mm column of water pressure
Protocol managementProtocols can be stored, using a total of 200 steps
Dimensions55.3 W x 51.4 D x 54.6 H cm
Power required16A/230VAC
EM tissue processing kit
Immunolabelling kit
PELCO BioWave® Pro microwave system, 230V AC
Formaldehyde fixation and EDTA decalcification kit
Paraffin tissue processing kit
Confocal microscopy and in situ hybridisation kit
SteadyTemp™ Pro Digital thermoelectric recirculator
SteadyTemp™ Pro and BioWave® Pro

The PELCO SteadyTemp™ Pro Digital provides precise, fully automatic temperature control for a variety of microwave processing applications, such as the Formaldehyde Fixation and EDTA Decalcification Application Kit and the Confocal Microscopy and In Situ Hybridisation Application Kit, using the PELCO ColdSpot Pro. Sample temperature control, with Pro Digital, is set and monitored via the touch screen on the new PELCO BioWave Pro, tissue processing system. The controls of the PELCO SteadyTemp™ Digital Plus are fully integrated with the PELCO BioWave® Pro System. The ability to control sample temperature, in this manner, is unique and can provide continuous working temperatures above or below ambient from 5° to 80°C via 400 watts of cooling and 600 watts of heating capacity, using reliable, Freon-free thermoelectric technology.
Dimensions: 324 x 280 x 324mm
Weight: 12.7 kg
Universal voltage: 85-265 VAC 50/60 Hz, 7.5 A
Noise level: 60 dba

PELCO SteadyTemp™ Pro Digital thermoelectric recirculator
PELCO ColdSpot® Pro
PELCO ColdSpot® Pro

The PELCO ColdSpot® Pro is designed for microwave processing techniques that benefit from an efficient heat transfer between the PELCO ColdSpot® surface (tempered glass) and the sample. This improved product design provides excellent temperature control for electron microscopy tissue processing, immunolabeling and in situ hybridisation protocols. The glass surface dissipates heat quickly and efficiently and can be easily cleaned with a razor blade. This new design creates a flat surface across the whole top and the adhesive attaching the glass to the plastic body, creates an excellent bond between the two materials. Filling the PELCO ColdSpot® with water has been simplified. The temperature of the water inside this PELCO ColdSpot® should not exceed 60°C, because the thermal properties of the plastic and the adhesive will be compromised at higher temperatures. All PELCO® Microwave processors can be set to maintain the temperature below this critical point. Designed for use with PELCO® Vacuum Chamber.


Glass plate areaW223mm x D291mm
Overall dimensionsW267 x D381 x H108mm
PELCO ColdSpot® Pro
PELCO ColdSpot® Plus
PELCO ColdSpot® Plus

The PELCO ColdSpot® Plus is designed for microwave processing techniques that benefit from retained heat and higher solution temperatures. The unique construction of this PELCO ColdSpot® is designed for the temperature requirements encountered during paraffin processing applications. The all-welded construction, combined with the solvent resistant and thermal properties of the plastic, make it the ideal choice when processing solution temperatures of 50°C (122° F) or higher are required. This new PELCO ColdSpot®design provides control of the microwave environment (hot and cold spots) while meeting the demands presented during high temperature processing techniques.


Glass plate areaW267mm x D286mm
Overall dimensionsW267 x D356 x H105mm
PELCO ColdSpot® Plus
EM Pro microwave vacuum chamber

New microwave vacuum chamber for microscopy sample preparation. Improved fixation and resin infiltration


  • Made of chemically resistant, microwave-transparent polypropylene and designed for vacuum down to 20" of Hg (1 torr/1mm Hg) and temperatures up to 70°C.
  • Designed either to run a continuous vacuum during microwave processing or a vacuum cycle.
  • Improves fixative penetration and ultrastructural preservation during microwave-assisted chemical fixation.
  • Improves resin infiltration in the microwave and greatly reduces the turnaround times when compared to established microwave protocols.
  • Can be used in or outside of the PELCO BioWave® pro microwave tissue processor.
Inside chamber178mm diameter x 84mm height
Overall dimensions203mm diameter x 111mm height

Replacements and Accessories

  • PEL3435-1 Replacement vacuum chamber L-gaskets, pk/2
  • PEL000-400 L-gasket retaining bands, pk/3
  • PEL3536-10 Top plate with temperature probe port (optional accessory)
  • PEL36145-T Temperature restrictive temperature probe with PTFE coating for use with PELCO microwave processors (optional accessory)
  • PEL92490-253 6.35mm ID, silicone vacuum hose, 0.9 meters
  • PEL92490-256 6.35mm ID, silicone vacuum hose, 1.8 meters
  • PEL020-001 3-way stopcock

If no house vacuum avaliable, we recommend the Diaphragm Vacuum Pump to provide vacuum to this vacuum chamber.

Temperature restrictive temperature probe with PTFE coating, complete information

silicone vacuum hoseSilicone vacuum hose, 6.35mm ID, Optional
Thick walled silicone vacuum hose with 6.35mm inside diameter and 12.7mm outside diameter. Sturdy, yet flexible material with wall thickness of 3.2mm, will not collapse under vacuum. Sold in lengths of 0.9 meters and 1.8 meters.

stopcock vacuum valve3-way Stopcock, can be placed in-line with the vacuum hose to hold vacuum and/or allow soft venting

PELCO® EM Pro Microwave Vacuum Chamber Top Plate with Temperature ProbePELCO® EM Pro Microwave Vacuum Chamber with Temperature ProbeTop plate with temperature probe port is optional.
Note that the temperature probe with cable connection for the PELCO BioWave® pro microwave tissue processor is inserted is also optional. PELCO® EM Pro Vacuum Chamber shown with optional top plate with temperature probe port and optional
Temperature probe in place. See Table 1 The effect of microwaves/vacuum on the sample processing times for electron microscopy

PELCO® EM Pro vacuum chamber, techical notes (270kb pdf)


PELCO EM Pro microwave vacuum chamber
TissueVac™ in vacuum chamber with temperature probe inserted
TissueVac™ in vacuum chamber with temperature probe inserted
Cassette holder with cassettes
Cassette holder with cassettes
PELCO TISSUEVAC™, Histology Vacuum Accessory

The PELCO TissueVac™ Histology Vacuum Accessory is designed for the PELCO BioWave® Pro Microwave Processor and can be used in conjunction with the PELCO ColdSpot®. It can be used with any of the three vacuum settings on the PELCO BioWave® Pro (vacuum cycle, vacuum on W/MW, vacuum on) or without the vacuum function.
The container and lid are made from micro-wave transparent polypropylene. The integrated temperature probe allows the use of temperature restriction conrol with vacuum.
The cassette holder will hold up to 58 standard size plastic cassettes, all in the same orientation and plane. This assures that every tissue sample will see the same microwave conditions. The granite stone is used as a heat receptor during paraffin infiltration.

The PELCO TissueVac™ System consists of the following components, which are also available individually:

  • Processing container (E36160-1)
  • Lid assembly (E36160-2)
  • Cassette holder (PTFE) for 58 cassettes (E36160-3)
  • Granite stone (E36160-4)
  • PTFE coated temperature probe (E36160-5)
  • L-gasket (E36160-6)
  • Nylon strap (E36160-7)
  • Operation manual
PELCO TissueVac™
HistoWave® cassette system
Rack with cassettes resting on the tank for draining
Rack with cassettes resting on the tank for draining
PELCO HistoWave® cassette system

The PELCO HistoWave® cassette system consists of a seamless, thick-walled cassette tank and a cassette rack which are also available individually. The design provides for ease of loading, unloading and fluid exchange during processing. The system will hold 26 standard-sized plastic cassettes or 22 standard and 2 over-sized cassettes. There is a hole in the handle for the temperature probe. The amount of reagent needed to cover 1 or 26 cassettes is approximately 500mL. Tank volume 940mL. It is easiest to add solutions when the system is assembled. The system is made of microwave-compatible and solvent-resistant plastics.

Note: The PELCO HistoWave® cassette system may also be used in the PELCO TissueVac™ vacuum chamber, E36160, which is an accessory for the PELCO® Microwave Tissue Processing Systems.
The 36150 will NOT fit into the E3435 PELCO EM microwave vacuum chamber.

Cassette Rack shown assembled and loaded, note the two over-sized (white) cassettes being accommodated in the centre of the rack.

PELCO HistoWave® cassette system
PELCO HistoWave® cassette tank
PELCO HistoWave® cassette rack
Inner and outer containers, cassette holder and granite disc
Inner and outer containers, cassette holder and granite disc
Cassette holder in inner container
Cassette holder in inner container

Designed for use in the PELCO BioWave® Pro for fixation or decalcification. Water, formaldehyde or EDTA can be recirculated around the cassette holder in the inner container. The outer container holds any spills and prevents damage to the microwave chamber. Cassette holder is designed for easy loading and will hold 58 standard sized cassettes.
The red hose is for fluid in, fitted with a nylon screen to limit direct flow, the white hose is for fluid out. A port in the lid allows insertion of the temperature probe. A granite disc included with the unit can be used to collect and retain heat for paraffin processing.

Cassette Holder: 79.4mm H (with handle) x 175mm dia.
Inner Container (inside dimensions): 95.3mm H x 195mm
Outer Container (inside dimensions): 69.9mm H x 343mm

DFR insert with PTFE cassette rack
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