Teflon Vacuum Wand for 6
Vacuum Wand, Teflon, for 6" wafers; F001-Y-11-3F
Manual Vacuum Wand with ESD protection for 6
C Series
Teflon® Vacuum Wand for 6
F Series
Manual Lockable Wand for 6
Manual Lockable Wand, for 6" wafers; M100-150L
PPS Manual Wand
Manual Wand. PPS, M110-150
ESD Safe Retractable Vacuum Tubing
Retractable Vacuum Tubing, ESD safe; 851-L
ESD Safe Vacuum Wand for 6
Vacuum Wand, ESD safe, for 6" wafers

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Vacuum wand die handling

Vacuum Wands can be used for handling of small items. Different nozzles are available - including ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) safe, conducting silicone rubber cups. A complete system (wand, vacuum tube, small pump and suction tip) is more expensive than the E231 Vac-U-Pick, but this system is clean-room suitable, quieter and ESD safe.

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Vacuum and manual wands are tools for gripping and holding delicate miniature objects, especially silicon wafers, securely and without hand contact. This means the object is not contaminated or damaged. A diaphragm vacuum pump connected to a vacuum wand body provides the suction.

What can I use this for?

  • Handling of large silicon wafers
  • Jewellery making
  • Die & small diameter wafer handling
  • Camera & watch repair
  • Computer & model assembly
  • Picking up contact lenses

Properties of some high technology plastics used in some wands

VACUUM WAND for semiconductor wafer processing

Our unique valve* ensures reliable suction and release of a semiconductor wafer. The well polished inner wall of the valve minimises particle generation. The optically polished wafer tip provides excellent adhesion to a wafer. The wand body can be easily detached from the tubing.
*US Patent 4767142, Japanese Patents 1698352 and 1885465


The body covered with conductive nylon reduces electrostatic effects towards a wafer. The wafer tip is made of conductive PEEK (Polyetheretherketone). The resistance of 106 to 108 ohms provides optimum static protection.
TExxx Manual Wand with ESD protection inquire


The body is made of Teflon® for chemical resistance. A large selection of wafer tips available.
TExxx inquire

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MANUAL WAND for semiconductor wafer handling

L SERIES no metal contamination

  • Withstands up to 130°C continuously
  • For 4", 5", 6", 8" and 12" wafer handling
  • No glue or metal parts PEEK, PPS and ESD PEEK materials available

TM100-100 PEEK Manual Wand for 100mm - 300mm wafers inquire

H SERIES for high temperature applications

  • Withstands up to 288°C continuously
  • For 6" and 8" wafer handling
  • Vespel® is firmly glued to SUS (Stainless Steel).

TCxxx Manual Wand for high temperature applications inquire

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Fluoro Mechanic Vacuum Wands
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